PROJECT DESIGN: MEFA Befestigungs- und Montagesysteme GmbH


Project design

MEFA offers you more than just products. You will be already supported with solutions during the planning:

1. Admission of all relevant data and generation of technical solutions, if necessary, on-site
2.Based on a piping- or a ventilation duct plan, a ground plan or a cross sectional view as well as other specifications, marked-out route plannings can be fixed including statical calculations.
We offer you:

  • Support on planning of piping- and duct layout
  • Fixpoint calculations
  • Fire protection evidence report for elected constructions
  • Static load determination
  • Part list (BOQ)
  • 2D- and 3D-drawings which can also be taken on your software

3. At a push we offer you also hotline support
4. On demand we offer different workshops and product trainings
5. Tendered contract specifications can be scored and alternatives be offered
6. On the basis of contract specifications detailled offers will be prepared